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Mattys signing off Empty Mattys signing off

Post  Mattys on Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:59 pm

Hello there fellow Tra members,

Think you know where this is headed. I will also be leaving Tra, going to IRC like Dwaasje. I had no idea until a couple days ago that he was planning this too though, my leaving has nothing to do with him leaving. Just like the war has nothing to do with it, nasty already asked me before war and everything and thought was in my head before nasty asking me already. Lastly, I also really don't care about skills, sure IRC is good, maybe better than Tra, but I'm not joining IRC because of that. I'm joining them because I found out I like driving on fullspeedvstechzero server best after all and more active IRC members on there than Tra, I also don't really like tracks much on Tra fullspeed server so yeah ^^ Was fun with you guys while it lasted, maybe I'll still see some of you every once in a while if you happen to be on fullspeed vs tech Wink
So.... hope you all understand my reasons,



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